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Open Physio – open knowledge platform and training app for physiotherapeutic measures

Open positions @ Open Physio

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Who would like to support us in the development of the open knowledge platform and training app Open Physio?
We are a Dresden digital health start-up and are looking for co-founders.


Also consider joining us as a co-founder, especially with a technical background and possibly knowledge of software development (financing probably possible). Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Open Physio as a co-founder with a technical or business background.

Have we piqued your interest? Then please send us an email to info@open-physio.de or call us spontaneously: 0176 80158257
We look forward to your messages! You can find more information about Open Physio at open-physio.de.

Our Team

Dr. Jan Polowinski is a software developer and has been dealing with knowledge management and modelling, semantic technologies, visualization and open data for many years.

Charlotte Przyborowski is a trained physiotherapist and psychologist (M.Sc.) with a focus on psychosomatics and stress-related illnesses.

Dennis Günther is a physiotherapist and business economist with a focus on financial management and social media marketing.

Charlotte Przyborowski, Dennis Günther and Jan Polowinski

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Contact: Jan Polowinski, jan@open-physio.de